monsters for ut2k4

The Invasion Vault, a backup of known monster files can be found here: Invasion Vault.

Pokemon Monster Pack 1
Blood Monsters! Dekaron Monsters v1
Heretic Monsters! Duke Nukem Monsters!
Shadow Warrior Monsters! Hexen Monsters v2
Quake 4 Monsters! Now with Ragdolls! HalfLife 1 Monsters! Now with Ragdolls!
Alien Monsters Dinotopia 25 Dinosaurs! Now with Ragdolls!
Doom Monster Pack 3 Over 40 new and monsters, now with ragdolls! Raptor v3 An updated version of the Raptor monster.
Bender Bender Bending Rodríguez or Bending Unit 22 is back! But this time he means business. Barnacle Working Barnacles!
Tentacle Working Tentacles! Lucifer
Quake Monsters v2 Classic Quake monsters, Now with Ragdolls! Droid2k4
Effigy Magdalena
Dragons v2 Fantasy dragons of different types! MonsterPackINIv3 In v3 another extra monster is included and they do not rely on each other anymore.
Metal & Ghost Monster Pack Adds 53 new monsters to Invasion! Predator Monsters v2 Adds 4 new melee/Projectile firing monsters to Invasion, that can cloak!
Futurama Monsters UniPsycho Monster Everyone hates scary clowns! Take revenge on clowns everywhere!
Metroid Monster Pikachu Monster v2 "Gotta frag them all" - Pikachu is the first pokemon to join the battle.
Cell Shaded SkaarjPack Cell shaded monsters! Explode Bunnies & Reverse Monsters